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Disability Representation

Under the business name Advocacy, we provide representation to clients seeking benefits from the Social Security Adminstration based on disability.

A link to our website is shown below.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office at:  805-642-6080

Representation is provided throughout Southern California.



A few years ago I was thinking what I would do after I retire.  I love golf, cycling and sailing, but figured I would be less able to do these at the level I had enjoyed as a younger man. I thought of that old saying: those that can, do – those that can’t, teach.

Well, putting my own spin on this, I thought, when I can no longer do, take pictures!

Anyway, I have had a lot of fun taking pictures of people doing fun things, which are posted on my photography web site.  Click the icon above to visit.  Enjoy.

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About me

I have only recently taken up photography, in my 60's no less. Anyway, its a fun way to watch athletes excel in their sport and capture just a moment in time of the events. Check out my photography website for more information.

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Hello world!

Hello World.  Bear with me as I adopt a new platform for sharing my photography!!

Don’t miss our next event

I had a wonderful time the last two years shooting the Tour of California.  This year includes a stage from Ontario to Mt. Baldy.  I already drove the route, picking out awesome locations for some great shots. The following day is a time trial in Big Bear.  If I can con my way “inside the […]

A day at the office

In my new soon to be “retirement day at the office” I look forward to attending many of the world class cycling and triathlon events that take place in southern California.  As I make new friends at events, I seem to get better access to the athletes for terrific shots of their abilities. Its been […]